john-lewis-play-big-biz-photoDo You Have the RIGHT people, doing the RIGHT things, at the RIGHT time?

At Play Big in Biz, we use a unique process called “unit evaluation,” to help business leaders better understand their team and its members. The process begins with one-on-one meetings with leaders to make sure the mission, culture, and values are clearly defined and articulated.

The next step is an interactive evaluation of each team member by the management team which will help management better understand the contributions, opportunities for growth, and, in some cases, the misalignment of individuals.

The end result is an understanding of, and a greater appreciation for the most important resource that any company has – its people. The goal is to help management answer the question, “do you have the right people, doing the right thing, at the right time?

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For over four decades, John has led and built successful teams in diverse settings from start-ups to international businesses. Throughout his career, he has found his greatest satisfaction in helping other executives improve performance and reach their career objectives.

John’s emphasis on the individual as an essential contributor to the greater good is a natural result of his roots in Human Resource management. He believes that the 3 Ps – People, Process and Profit – are the essential ingredients to success in every enterprise.

John’s experience as the CEO of publicly-traded and private service companies has provided him with tremendous knowledge of every aspect of company dynamics and the challenges and opportunities they present.

“As your Personal Leadership Coach, I am committed to helping you identify and reach your personal and career goals. Our work together is confidential, intentional, forward looking and action-oriented. At the heart of it all, it’s all about your personal fulfillment. If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t playing BIG.”

– John Lewis